How to register as a JobSeeker or Intern.

Step 1: Visit the NEA-IMS Portal

Log on to
Step 2: Create Account

On your right, click on Jobseeker/Intern’s Sign up
Fill in your organization’s details in the form and click on Sign Up

Step 3: Log in

Log into the system using your ID Number and the password you submitted during signing up.

Step 4: Proceed and Click on ‘Creat/Edit Profile’

After logging into your profile, click on Create/Edit Profile on your far left.
First choose your registration type: Jobseeker or Intern.
Then fill all the required details on our Profile Page and Click on ‘Save’.
Go on and Click ‘Move Next’.

Step 5: Provide your Academic, Professional and Employment Information

Now provide details of your Academic and Professional Qualifications, Employment History, Preferred Occupation, Sector, Employment County and Salary.
Give details of your Good Conduct Certificate.
Save and Click on Submit Application.
There will be a message with “Successfully Registered” and your Jobseeker/Intern unique number.
Proceed now and apply for vacancies that meet your qualifications.


After registration, your account has to be verified by NEA before you can proceed to other sections in your profile