Functions & Core Values


The functions of the Authority are provided under Section 8 of the National Employment Authority Act, 2016. In the section, the National Employment Authority’s functions shall be to:

  1. Advise on formulation of employment policies and strategies for national and county governments;
  2. Advise both the national and county governments on any policy matter concerning employment;
  3. Develop methodologies for employment measurement, management and promotion;
  4. Conduct periodic surveys on labour market skills requirements and advice training institutions and job seekers appropriately to ensure that training and skills match the job market requirements;
  5. Monitor implementation of employment policies and programmes;
  6. Facilitate cooperation with national government, the private sector, the informal sector and foreign governments and institutions to promote and increase access to employment;
  7. Facilitate continuous training and other activities of Kenyans to improve their chances of employment and work skills;
  8. Register persons seeking employment;
  9. Maintain and an integrated and up-to-date database of all persons seeking employment;
  10. Facilitate the employment and placement of jobseekers in formal and informal or any other form of employment, locally and internationally;
  11. Circulate in a timely manner job vacancies advertized to job seekers throughout Kenya through appropriate means including use of social media, internet and published materials;
  12. Provide counseling to the unemployed and undertake activities to promote employment;
  13. Facilitate the implementation of national policies on employment;
  14. Take necessary steps to encourage equal opportunity employment practices for the benefit of the unemployed;

Authority's Core Values

The Authority is committed to upholding the following Core Values as the guiding principles for operations in the medium and long-terms:

  1. Equity and diversity in assess to employment opportunities – NEA will ensure equity and diversity in access to employment opportunities for all Kenyans
  2. Participation of stakeholders – The Authority promotes commitment and participation by all stakeholders in development and implementation of employment programmes
  3. Creativity and Innovativeness – NEA will develop programmes that promote sustainable employment opportunities among the youth
  4. Customer Focus – NEA is committed to uphold customer-driven and customer focused services that deliver results to all
  5. Integrity, Transparency and Accountability – The Staff shall uphold the highest and ethical standards while ensuring openness and responsibility for results to its customers.

Authority's Policy Priorities

The Authority main policy priorities will be the promotion of employment in all aspects of national development. Specific policy priorities will be:

  1. Employment creation, especially for the youth, minorities and marginalized groups;
  2. Provision of labour market information;
  3. Re-engineering of public employment services; and
  4. Promotion of foreign employment.