Board Committee

The Authority is governed by a Board consisting of a Chairperson and nine other members. The powers of the Board in line with Section 9 of the National Employment Act, 2016 are to:

  1. Advise the Cabinet Secretary on any matter deemed by the Authority to be necessary or expedient to be considered by the State in connection with the provisions of this Act or the application thereof and on any other matter relating to employment which has been referred by the Cabinet Secretary to the Authority for the advice and recommendations of the Authority;
  2. Conduct studies on any matter relating to its mandate;
  3. Obtain information relevant to the discharge of its function;
  4. Take the necessary steps to protect the unemployed against any form of abuse or exploitation;
  5. Subject to the provisions of this Act, cause its work to be performed by persons employed or appointed by it in its terms of this Act;
  6. Become a member of an association or organization which seeks to promote any matter in which the Authority has an interest;
  7. Establish relations with or enter into cooperation agreements with bodies or offices offering similar services in other countries;
  8. Vest in or delegate to any officer, any of its committees such functions of the Authority as the Authority may determine; and
  9. Appoint and or employ such officer, any of its committees such functions of the Authority to discharge as required under the National Employment Authority Act 2016.

The Board will discharge its responsibilities through the following three (3) Board Committees. These are: the Finance Human Resource and Governance Committee; Employment Promotion, Services and Strategy Committee; and Audit, Risk and Compliance

Finance, Human Resource and Governance Committee

The Finance, Human Resource and Governance committee assists the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for funds collection, sourcing of funds, allocation and disbursements, review of budgets and implementation of reports.

Audit & Risk Management Committee

The Audit & Risk Management committee reviews the annual financial statements of the Authority, focusing particularly on; Compliance with Government Financial Regulations, International Accounting Standards, other legal requirements and best practice.

Employment Promotion, Services and Strategy Committee

This committee is to ensure the implementation of national policies on employment; to approve strategies on formulation of Employment policies and strategies national and county governments; develop regulations to facilitate effective labour migration management; monitor Employment and placement of job seekers in formal and informal or any other form of employment locally and internationally; and , advice on Employment policy reviews.