Boarb & Management

Board of Directors

The National Employment Authority comprises of a Chairperson and ten (10) non-executives board members, three (3) represent the private sector institutions and seven (7) members represents the public sector. The Chairperson provides overall leadership to the Authority through the Board.

Director General

The Director General is responsible to the Board and takes the overall responsibility for the management of the National Employment Authority and takes responsibility for effective and efficient day to day running of the affairs of the Authority.


The National Employment Authority management team headed by the Director General who oversees development and implementation of annual budget approved by the National Employment Authority.  NEA management therefore monitors the implementation of approved budget in line with the Public Financial Management Act 2012, Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act 2015, Corporate Work Plan and the Performance Contract during a Financial Year.

The management also gives advice to the Board of Directors on issues related to budget implementation and also prepares quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to The National Treasury. This promotes accountability and transparency in the use of public financial resources.