Step 1: Visit the NEA-IMS Portal

  • Log on to

Step 2: Create Account

  • On your right, click on Employer’s Sign up
  • Fill in your organization’s details in the form and click on Sign Up

Step 3: Log in

  • Log into the system using your organization’s KRA PIN and the password you submitted during signing up.

Step 4: Download the Employer Returns Template

  • After logging into your profile, click on Help on your far right.
  • Then select Download Tab on your left; now download the Excel Template

Step 5: File Your Returns

  • Populate the downloaded Excel file with your employees details and save.
  • Go back to your profile on the NEA-IMS Portal and click on the Returns Tab.
  • Upload your saved Excel file.
  • There will be a pop up message with “File Successfully Uploaded“.

Then you have successfully filed your employer returns. 


Due to a large number of Employers filling their returns, we may not acknowledge receipt of your returns immediately. We will however do the same at a later date. Once you have uploaded your returns on the portal, rest assured that your returns have been received.


Thank you for your continued compliance.