Employment Services Directorate

The Directorate is charged with the following functions:

  1. Implementation of employment policies, programmes and projects;
  2. Enforcement of national standards on labour migration and employment services;
  3. Develop strategies to mainstream issues of gender, youth, the marginalized, and persons with disabilities into employment programmes;
  4. Ensure compliance with the Labour legislations on employment;
  5. Advise on formulation and review of employment and diaspora employment Policies, regulation and procedures; and
  6. Provision of advice on ratification and domestication of ILO conventions on employment.

The Directorate is organized into the following two (2) Departments whose functions are as indicated below: –

1. Regional Employment Services

The functions of the Regional Employment Offices entails:

  1. Promotion of employment creation;
  2. Provision of advise to both the national and county governments on locally available employment opportunities and policy issues concerning employment;
  3. Provision of advise to both the national and county governments on available employment opportunities in foreign countries;
  4. Development of project proposals for promoting gainful employment including monitoring and assessment of job creation programmes and income generating activities in both the formal and informal sectors;
  5. Registration of persons seeking employment;
  6. Development and implementation of a framework for monitoring all job opportunities created in projects and programmes in the country;
  7. Development and implementation of a framework to facilitate increased employment in the public and private sectors;
  8. Enforcement of employment rules and related legislations;
  9. Monitoring implementation of employment policies and programmes;
  10. Dissemination of information on available job opportunities to job seekers;
  11. Facilitate the employment and placement of job seekers in formal and informal employment locally
  12. Facilitation and promotion of equal opportunity employment practices
  13. Monitoring Employment and unemployment trends in the country
  14. Monitor and evaluate employment opportunities and trends at international levels for Kenyans;
  15. Oversee compliance to foreign employment policies, rules and regulations, and ILO conventions on employment;
  16. Canvassing for jobs and carrying out placements;
  17. Provision of advise to county governments on locally available employment opportunities and policy issues concerning employment;
  18. Collecting data for Labour Management Information Systems (LMIS);
  19. Information point on foreign employments for locals including confirmation of validity of agents;
  20. Carrying out capacity building and counselling of job seekers;
  21. Placement of interns and job seekers;
  22. Ensuring compliance on employment policies, rules, standards and regulations;
  23. Inspection of private employment agencies to ensure compliance
  24. Monitoring and evaluation of employment trends, creation and promotion strategies, plans and programmes in the Regions;
  25. Ensuring Recruitment Agencies comply with the Employment Rules and Regulations;
  26. Initiating socio-economic studies on employment creation;
  27. Coordination of employment services in the region;
  28. Preparation of quarterly reports on matters handled within the region and submitting them to the headquarters; and
  29. Undertake due diligence on private employment agencies seeking registration.

2. Registration of Employment Agencies and Management of Foreign Employment Department


The functions of the department entails: –

  1. Initiating development of Bilateral Labour Agreements;
  2. Coordinating participation in Regional and International Meetings;
  3. Ensure generation and safe custody of reports from labour attaché’s;
  4. Administration and management of Foreign Employment and Labour Migration; and
  5. Provision of Secretarial services to Inter-Ministerial Vetting Committee.

The department is further subdivided into the following two divisions: –

  1. Registration of Employment Agencies; and
  2. Foreign Employment Services.

Registration of Employment Agencies

The Division’s functions entail:

  1. Registration of private Employment Agencies;
  2. Facilitate the employment and placement of job seekers in international jobs;
  3. Compilation of reports on Registration and placement of job seekers by private Recruitment Agencies;
  4. Ensure implementation of pre-departure training;
  5. Maintenance of a register of registered employment agencies;
  6. Inspection of private employment agencies to ensure compliance;
  7. Organizing Workshops and Forums on Foreign Employment to educate Kenyan migrants amongst others;
  8. Regulation/accreditation of private employment bureaux and employment agencies including preparation and production of monthly reports on the stated relevant fields;
  9. Verifying foreign job offers;
  10. Verifying the authenticity of the Foreign Employment Agencies;
  11. Verifying availability terms and conditions of the jobs advertised; and
  12. Investigating Contract breaches and issues that are likely to interfere or terminate employment contract.

Foreign Employment Services

The Division’s functions entails:

  1. Promotion and protection of Kenyan labour Migrants and their welfare;
  2. Collecting labour market information and maintaining data base of Kenyan nationals working in other Countries;
  3. Register and maintain an integrated data of all Kenyan labour migrants;
  4. Ensure that Kenyans in distress are assisted and returned home when necessary;
  5. Develop and implement programmes to ensure that Kenyan returning migrants are reintegrated in society;
  6. Coordinate provision of legal and other necessary assistance for migrant workers in distress;
  7. Coordinate and monitor employment opportunities arising from the free labour movement in the EAC region; and
  8. Ensure the establishment of safe houses for Kenyan migrant workers in distress in destination countries.